Tawa Community Centre Open Day
Saturday, 22nd September 2007

The Open Day provided an opportunity for people to look through the Community Centre and for the many clubs and groups in Tawa to show locals what they do.

What happened at the Open Day?
  - Live performances on the outside stage and in Area 3 (the Recreation area)
  - Demonstrations in Area 2 (the Boardroom)
  - Displays in Area 1
  - Activities on the street
  - Ethnic food stalls

Click here for actual programme on the day.

The weather on the day was superb, and a big number of people (almost 2,000) went through the Community Centre, many for the first time. More than 45 static displays from local clubs and groups were in place, and around 20 groups put on a live performance or passive demonstration. Feedback we have received has been very positive. Quite simpy, it was a great occasion.

The following selection of photos is a good depiction of what took place on the day. Unfortunately we do not have shots of every group who took part.

- Malcolm Sparrow (26 September 2007)

Getting the static displays ready:

On the outside stage:

Audience and people on the street:

'Area 1' - most of the static displays:

'Area 2' - passive demonstrations and a few static displays:

"Area 3' (the Recreation Area) - performances and some passive demonstrations:

Model train display:

Food stalls:

In the car park:

Activity on the street:

The inaugural Tawa waterballoon-catching contest:

Thank you to all those who helped on the day:

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