Redwood Station

Tranz Metro are advising: "We're getting Redwood Station ready for the arrival of the new 'Matangi' trains later this year. To do this, the station has to be closed from 8 February for up to 4 months. While Redwood Station is closed, the adjacent Takapu Road and Tawa Stations can be used instead. Additional temporary carparking will be available at Tawa Station at the northern end of the current carpark on the western side of the station. This additional carparking will be available for use from Monday 1 February."

Redwood Station is split in two. The platform for those heading into town is on the southern side of Tawa St, the platform for those heading in the direction of Porirua (northwards) is on the northern side of Tawa St.

These photos were taken in early February 2010, just a matter of days before the station is due to be closed (temporarily).

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 Redwood Station (the southern platform), looking southwards. The shelter
 itself won't be touched. The platform at right will be raised.
 The southern (main) carpark. This will be empty as from Monday 8th
 February. In the background a temporary construction building is already
 in place.
 Commuter train approaching from the north. The platform on the left is
 the northern one, for arrivals from town and departures to Porirua, etc.
 A handful of people waiting on the southern platform for the 9.43am
 weekday train. No surprise in that it was 10 minutes late.
 Same train departing Redwood Station, heading into town.
 The northern carpark has already been closed and work has begun.

Pics from earlier weeks