The above sign was erected at the southern end of the Main Road, Tawa, on Thursday, August 24th around 6pm. A similar sign was put up at the northern end of the Main Road a few minutes later. The sign above (southern end) was photographed about 11am the next day, Friday. By 2pm the signs at both ends had disappeared, presumably stolen. The Wellington City Council, whose permission we had gained to erect the signs, told us they knew nothing about their removal.

The sign shown below and its counterpart were put in place on the previous Friday, August 18th. They lasted 3-4 days before vanishing into thin air.

Three working days after our last contact with the Council, we have been advised (on Wednesday, August 30th) that their contactor "used his initiative" in removing the signs, and that they would be returned to us. Unfortunately they were designed to serve a specific purpose within a very limited time frame. It's all very well to get the signs back after the closeoff date for submissions has come and gone. They have limited value to us now. Council really hasn't done us any favours in this instance!

Click here to see 2005 photo of the Tawa Community Board