Tawa Community Board

Who's on the community board?
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What does the community board do?
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The Tawa Community Board as from October 2013 comprises (from left in photo below) Cr Justin Lester, Jack Marshall, Graeme Hansen, Margaret Lucas (deputy chair) Robert Tredger (chair), Richard Herbert, Alistair Sutton, Cr Malcolm Sparrow.
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Wellington City Council's website states:."This elected community board represents the interests of the Tawa Community. The board reflects the unique history and requirements of the area and helps Wellington City Council to understand and meet the community's needs."

For more information and details of meetings on the WCC site, click here.

The roles and responsibilities of Tawa Community Board members are as follows:

1.  representing and acting as an advocate for the interests of the Tawa community
2.  considering and reporting on any matter referred to it by Wellington City Council and any issues of
     interest to the Tawa Community Board
3.  making an annual submission to Wellington City Council on expenditure in the local authority
4.  maintaining an overview of services provided by Wellington City Council within the Tawa community
5.  communicating with community organisations and special interest groups in the Tawa community
6.  undertaking any other responsibilities delegated by Wellington City Council

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Contact details for each of the Tawa Community Board members as listed on the WCC site

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