The purpose of the Tawa Community Civic Awards is "to recognise and show appreciation to groups or individuals who - on a voluntary basis - enhance the Tawa community and make it a better place to live." The awards have been run by the Tawa Community Board every two years since 2006.

At the awards ceremony which is held at the Tawa Community Centre a certificate of appreciation is presented by the Mayor of Wellington to each of those whose names - individuals or community groups - have been sent in during the specified nomination period (as long as they meet the basic eligibility criteria).

Nominations for the 2018 Tawa Community Civic Awards closed on Friday 18 May. The awards ceremony took place in the Tawa College staffroom on Thursday 7 June.

Nomination forms were available at the Mervyn Kemp Library and at Tawa Community Centre and could also be made online at

For details of the Tawa Rotary Young Employee Award, click here.


  • ARTS & CULTURE - enhancing and increasing participation in arts, including music, and creative leisure activities.

  • EDUCATIONAL AND CHILD/YOUTH DEVELOPMENT - improving and enhancing the development of young people and children.

  • HEALTH & WELLBEING - providing services which enhance the wellbeing of people.

  • HERITAGE & ENVIRONMENT - improving or revitalising the environment, culture or heritage.

  • SPORT & LEISURE - enhancing and increasing participation in physical sport, leisure activities and recreational pursuits.

  • YOUTH (15-24 YEARS) - celebration and recognition of young people who provide outstanding service within the community of Tawa.

  • TAWA ROTARY YOUNG EMPLOYEE AWARD (17-24 YEARS) - displaying energy and enthusiasm in undertaking workforce responsibilities.

As stated earlier, each nominee receives a certificate acknowledging their "... ongoing contribution to the community of Tawa". As well as that, a winner of each category is selected. The winner of each of the first five categories receives a framed certificate from the Mayor of Wellington along with a very small prize.

The winner of the Youth category, first introduced in 2010, receives a book voucher along with a framed certificate.

The winner of the Tawa Rotary Young Employee Award, introduced in 2012, will receive a monetary voucher along with a framed certificate.


   1.  Any person with an interest in Tawa may nominate any not-for-profit group,
        organisation or individual working to enhance the Tawa community.

   2.  An individual may nominate an organisation of which they are a member.

Awards Ceremonies over the years:   2006   2008   2010   2012   2014   2016   2018