Tawa Community Civic Awards 2010

The 2010 Tawa Community Civic Awards Ceremony was hosted by the Tawa Community Board on Friday evening, 11 June. People were able to nominate for an award any individual or group performing a voluntary role in the Tawa community.

The purpose of the awards is "to recognise and show appreciation to groups or individuals who enhance the Tawa community and make it a better place to live." This is the third occasion on which they have been held.

Nominations were received for 40 different people or groups. The Deputy Mayor of Wellington, Ian McKinnon, presented each nominee at the Awards Ceremony with a certificate "in appreciation of your voluntary work in the community of Tawa". The winners of each of the five categories received a framed certificate along with a tree sapling.

At the start of proceedings we were privileged to have Omega 4, a girls barbershop quartet from Tawa College, sing a couple of numbers for the audience of around 120.

Tawa Community Board Chair Robert Tredger and fellow Board member Malcolm Sparrow, along with Councillor Ngaire Best, all played a part in reading out the names of the nominees and a description of why they had been nominated as each came forward to receive their certificate. Those descriptions (mostly gleaned from information provided by those doing the nominating) and details of the winners are set out below.

The nominees (and a few 'extras')
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- enhancing and increasing participation in arts, including music, and creative leisure activities.

Tom Humphries
Tom Humphries is the musical director and conductor for the Tawa-based Wellington Male Voice Choir. The choir performs at concerts throughout the wider Wellington area. During his term as musical director and conductor, membership of the choir has increased significantly. As a matter of interest, their next performance is at St Andrew's on The Terrace on Sunday 20th June.

Sara Scott
Sara Scott makes a fantastic contribution as a voluntary choreographer at various musical productions in Tawa. The major part she played in Tawa College's highly-acclaimed major production in 2009, "Standing Ovation", went a long way towards making it the success that it was. The choreography at recent Tawa Music Festivals has also been Sara's responsibility, and will be again this year. Her role in various musical and other productions in Tawa is quite simply outstanding.

Robin Thomson
Robin Thomson has led the Boys Brigade learners' band for approximately 15 years and this leadership is still ongoing. He led the Boys Brigade here in Tawa for at least ten years. His leadership has encouraged the musical talents of many young girls and boys, and also several adults, with the band playing for the residents of Longview, at Tawa Market days, Tawa Christmas parades and more.

And the winner of the ARTS & CULTURE category is a person who ... is a brilliant choirmaster who gives unstintingly of his time and talents to train the Tawa-based Wellington Male Voice Choir, having filled this position continuously for 29 years. The choir carries out public performances to entertain and raise funds for charities such as Wellington Free Ambulance. Proceeds from their concert Sunday week will be going to this worthy cause. His dedication and enthusiasm are legendary and he is an inspiration to choir members.

Tom Humphries.

- improving and enhancing the development of young people and children.

Beanstalk Committee
The Beanstalk Committee is made up of dedicated parents who give their time voluntarily to ensure the kindergarten's 'Beanies' develop and grow in a safe, caring and exciting environment. Their role is to oversee management, as well as fundraising, grants applications, and running community events - ensuring the smooth-running of the non-profit kindergarten.

Clare Smith
Clare Smith is the group leader of the Tawa Scout Group. She works tirelessly to ensure that the Kea Club, Cub Pack, two Scouts Troops and Venturer Unit run effectively and efficiently. She provides support as and where need, and recently received a 10-year Service to Scouting award.

David Wilson
David Wilson has worked on a fully voluntary basis for the Tawa-Linden Plunket Branch for over 10 years, the last two as its president. His enthusiasm and willingness are invaluable to the committee. Without him many tasks such as the annual street appeal would simply not get off the ground. David's knowledge and experience are invaluable to a small volunteer group like Tawa-Linden Plunket, and enables the group to provide an important service to the youngest members of the Tawa community.

Hampton Hill Christian Religious Education team
The Hampton Hill CRE team, based at Hampton Hill School, is made up of volunteer members from various churches. They have been providing Education for Life, free, for 20 years for children aged 5 to 10. It is a milestone worthy of acknowledgement.

Hayden Hunt
Hayden Hunt has recently been appointed to the Board of Trustees at Hampton Hill School. He cooks at sausage sizzles at school. He renders his barbecue and other items for use whenever necessary. He has looked after children in the school library during extracurricular activities, and is manager of a children's hockey team. Hayden is a tremedous role model for the children at Hampton Hill School and for our local community.

John Morley
John Morley does many tasks over and above his role as property maintenance officer at Tawa Intermediate School. This includes running quizzes for students and providing prizes, reading to the students at lunchtimes and telling them stories about his life, organising draughts competitions and working with the boys on outdoor projects. He also does odd jobs and repair work for the playcentre next door. Nothing is too much trouble for John - he is a warm, generous and likeable person.

Lochie Judd
Lochie Judd organises and runs the weekly Mothers of Darlings group at the Baptist Church for both church and non-church people. She runs a fortnightly working women's group and is joint coordinator for Christian Religious Education at Redwood School, as well as teaching a class herself. She supports her youth pastor husband in his work, and is involved in visitation from time to time, as well as organising meals for those who are sick, or for parents of newborn babies.

Marie Prescott
Marie Prescott has been an effective and fully involved Board of Trustees chair at Tawa College since 2006, and member since 2000. She is a valuable member of several sub-committees and her contribution to all areas of school life has been outstanding. She also gave a huge commitment as the Board of Trustees chair at Redwood School.

Rachel Dawson
Rachel Dawson has been on the Tawa School Board of Trustees and has just been re-elected for a further three years. She has led the school's fundraising committee for several years, and set up and leads the Montessori Class Trust Board. She is also on Tawa School's Home & School committee - a tireless worker for the school over many years, all on a voluntary basis!

Ray Lindsay
Ray Lindsay is a member of St Francis Xavier's school committee and Board of Trustees. He gives time to church duties, taking photos at many functions. He gives the photos and his time for free. He is also a member of the Lions Club of Tawa and current president of the Tawa & Progressive Ratepayers' Association.

Redwood School Parent Fundraising Group
The Redwood School Parent Fundraising Group is volunteer group of parents whose aim is to raise funds for various projects for the children at Redwood School. The group's main project for 2009 was to build an extension of new playground equipment for the school. The official opening, with members of the Tawa Community Board present, took place on Friday, 7th May 2010.

Tawa Volunteer Fire Brigade
The Tawa Volunteer Fire Brigade performs all its duties on a fully voluntary basis. It supports schools in the implementation of fire safety programmes through providing resources and also coming into schools, complete with fire appliance, to work with students. The volunteer fire brigade is always available to take part in school fundraising and in family fun days.

And the winner of the EDUCATIONAL AND CHILD/YOUTH DEVELOPMENT category is a person who ... has held a position of Group Leader of the Tawa Scout Group for three years following a number of years as a Scout Leader with the Tawa Scout Troop. She commits a huge amount of time to managing and organising the five sections that comprise the Tawa Scout Group. Her efforts are essential to ensuring that section leaders have the resources necessary to deliver scouting to over 120 Tawa youth. Her commitment extends beyond her role as a Group Leader. Last year she utilised her skills as a professional first aid instructor to educate both the Scout and Cub sections in essential first aid.

The Tawa Scout Group is among the ten largest Scout Groups in the country. This results from many factors: keen kids, committed leaders and supportive parents, but those would all count for little if not for the strong and committed leadership of this committed individual.

Clare Smith.

- providing services which enhance the wellbring of people.

Colin Miller
Colin Miller has played a major role in Civil Defence in Tawa for around 30 years and is currently responsible for the Redwood sector. He is also known to regularly pick up rubbish from the street when in the Main Road shopping area clearing his post office mailbox. He is an example to others, playing his part in improving the quality of life in Tawa.

David Allo
David Allo is a driver and support person for the elderly and disabled in our community, assisting the Redwood Club in particular. He is an active committee member at the club, and his assistance on practical level is invaluable. He also has various other voluntary roles in the Tawa community and is always a pleasure to work with.

Eric Ruth
Eric Ruth served as Bishop of the Latter Day Saints' Tawa Ward for six years. In April 2010 he was released from this calling. Serving as bishop is carried out on a fully voluntary basis. He has conducted weddings, funerals, enhanced the development of young people, and strengthened families and marriages. He is a man who is true at all times in whatever thing he is entrusted.

Joy Pearce
Joy Pearce and her team have organised eight community pot luck meals to date since 2008, most involving a cultural song or dance group. They have always been fun get-togethers, often involving meeting one's neighbours for the first time. These meals for all of the Tawa community have made us aware of the many different peoples living in Tawa. They have also provided an opportunity to alert us to community affairs such as Neighbourhood Support.

Mal Fyfe
Mal Fyfe is a very giving individual who organises the local "Drivers for Cancer" support group. He carries out volunteer work at the community police office and has been a JP for over 20 years. He is a Tawa Community Patrol volunteer and also does work within the Church.

Margaret Keats
Margaret Keats is a wonderful community worker and has been part of numerous community groups over the years including Linden Good Neighbours and the Tawa Arthritis support group. She demonstrates exceptional interpersonal skills and supports many different individuals in the community who have needed a friend, visiting, caring and helping. From 1995 she has been a committed volunteer at Longview Home in Tawa, one the home could not do without.

Ron Bichan
Ron Bichan retired as a minister of religion after more than 50 years but still works voluntarily in the community. He was the backbone of the former Tawa Resource Centre, and is now an active volunteer at the Tawa Community Centre. He is an enthusiastic DIY practitioner and is frequently found repairing equipment to help people in need. At the Union Church Ron assists in many areas, including visiting people in their homes. He still occasionally takes church services where he is very popular.

Sandra Thorn
Sandra Thorn has spent many years with the Probus Club of Tawa and five in the position of secretary, in which role she is incredibly efficient. She also works in a voluntary capacity in the Mary Potter Hospice shop in Tawa, and has given time in helping the elderly in their homes.

Shirley Allo
Shirley Allo has given much to the Tawa community in "behind the scenes" caring and serving. She has been a regular visitor to Longview Home and to various "shut-ins" in Tawa. For years she volunteered at a local Op Shop and offered practical and emotional support to customers. Once a week she ran a morning creche allowing young mums some time out together. For over 20 years she has mended and catalogued books for Greenacres School, and she continues to bake for others.

Stan Edmonds
Tawa Emergency Management Group (known to most as Civil Defence) wishes to honour Stan Edmonds for more than 33 years' service to civil defence in Tawa, many of those years as its Senior Manager. This work is carried out on an entirely voluntary basis.

Tawa Community Centre Volunteers
The volunteers at the Tawa Community Police base have been a feature of Tawa since 1992. There are currently around 30 volunteers, mainly retired people who operate the office six hours a day on most weekdays of the year. They work a 3-hour shift at a time, dealing with members of the public requesting assistance either via phone or in person at the office in the Community Centre. Sometimes they simply provide a listening ear. They fill an important role in the wellbeing of this community.

Terry Roche
Terry Roche has been involved in a number of civic activities over the years including voluntary work within the Porirua and Tawa police offices, active membership of the Tawa-Linden Anglican parish, and adminstrative roles within the Tawa Table Tennis Club. He contributes around six hours per week in driving elderley Tawa residents to various functions. He has been a member of the Lions Club of Tawa for 40 years and continues to be involved in many of the club's voluntary services.

And the winner of the HEALTH & WELLBEING category is a person who ... provides transport for members of the Redwood Club on a weekly basis, as well as driving for the Stroke Foundation and over 60s lunches held at the Anglican Church. With his wife Shirley they will go the extra mile for those they meet through these organisations. He plays an invaluable part at the Redwood Club, not only serving on its committee, but project managing the creation of its beautiful new courtyard, making a ramp, building stairs, etc. Everyone turns to him when something needs to be done, fixed up or sorted out. He helped build the hall complex at St Christopher's Church and continues to provide maintenance. He is a committee member on the Tawa & Progressive Ratepayers' Association and treasurer for the Stroke Foundation. As well as being a willing handyman doing what he can for anyone who needs a hand, he displays wisdom, ingenuity, a cheerful smile and words of encouragement.

David Allo.

- improving or revitalising the environment, culture or heritage.

Brian Carter
Brian Carter works most days at Duncan Park. He arrives on many mornings at 7.30, goes away for lunch, returns a couple of hours later and sometimes doesn't go home until 5.30. Those near the park observe his commitment to looking after the area, very much a solitary pursuit. The results of his steady devotion day after day to this voluntary role can be see by anyone walking through the park.

John Sait
John Sait is in his third term as president of the Tawa RSA. The club is open to all members of the community, not limited to service personnel. He is at the forefront of promoting the club as Tawa's Community Club - as a member of Clubs NZ - whilst maintaining the spirit and ethos of the RSA tradition.

Norm Robertson
Norm Robertson is a stalwart worker for Friends of Tawa Bush Reserves and has been since its inception in 2001. He runs monthly working bees, planting and tending native trees, and working on walking tracks. Norm also has a vital role as both player and mentor in the Tawa BB Learners' Band. He is also secretary of the Tawa Table Tennis Club.

Peter Saxton
Peter Saxton has played a major part in cutting the many bush tracks that run through the bush reserves surrounding Tawa. He also supervises the Thursday walking group, educating them about the bird life and flora found in the reserves around Tawa. All this is done on a fully voluntary basis.

And the winner of the HERITAGE & ENVIRONMENT category is a person who ... has been a member of the Friends of Tawa Bush Reserves since its inception in 2001. He holds the position of the weekday working bee coordinator and deputises for the coordinator of the weekend working bees. During this time he has managed a nursery on his own property propagating, potting up and caring for young native trees until they are ready for potting in Tawa reserves - turning out 300 trees per year.

A particular area with which he has had special involvement is representing the Friends of Tawa Bush Reserves in liaison with the schools in the Tawa valley. This has led to his involvement with a number of primary school classes and leading them in learning about native trees, planting and caring for them - thus providing a valuable early education role in environmental awareness for future generations of Tawa residents.

Norm Robertson.

- enhancing and increasing participation in physical sport, leisure activities and recreational pursuits.

Bev Lindsay
Bev Lindsay has made a huge contribution to bowls' coaching in Tawa. She has excellent skills in coaching at a collegiate level. Bev has coached national champions and, for the past five years, Tawa College students have been selected at a national secondary school level, very much due to the efforts of Bev.

Lynda & Les Wightman
"As we are new to Tawa we would like to nominate Lynda & Les Wightman. In our letterbox we got an invitation from them to join the Tawa Bowling Club. Lynda & Les were very encouraging with helpful tips, etc, not only early in the season, but right throughout - important when you are new to the sport. The work that they do is all on a voluntary basis. They are both great people."

Nicola Ward-Thomas
Nicola Ward-Thomas devotes countless unpaid hours to running the junior division of the Tawa Squash Club. She is at the club nearly every day running coaching sessions and junior club nights, as well as organising tournaments and fundraising. She recently spent two entire weekends (and the weeks prior) organising the Black Knight Tournamnet and the Tawa Open, ensuring that everything ran smoothly. Without her the junior squash community in Tawa would not be in such a strong position as it is today.

Robert Holt
Robert Holt has provided coaching for several years at the Tawa Football Club and more recently to Tawa College Year 12 boys. He always provides the players with a positive role model and his attitude is always encouraging. As his daughter is in another team, he is at times unable to watch his own child play - a sacrifice of a truly generous person. Robert gives 100% to the team and in turn is highly respected.

Tawa Swimming Club
Tawa Swimming Club has had a strong presence in the community since 1972. Its aim is to promote, foster and encourage swimming. All administrators of the club and all coaches of the learn-to-swim programme are volunteers who give hours of time every week to ensure the children of Tawa can swim and be safe in the water. They are worthy of a community civic award.

And the winner of the SPORT & LEISURE category is a group which ... has had a strong presence in the community since 1972. Its membership is open to any child wanting to learn to partake in this particular activity, to any child wanting to improve their ability, and to competitive partakers. Being able to swim is a vital skill to have in New Zealand and one that every child should have the opportunity to acquire. This club makes the opportunity available at a reasonable cost. At any given time it has 130 children learning to swim. It is estimated that the hours put in by volunteers at the club total more than 2000 per year - ensuring that the children of Tawa can swim and be safe in the water.

Tawa Swimming Club.

This year, for the first time, we have introduced a Youth category. The criteria - celebration and recognition of young people who provide outstanding service within the community of Tawa.

Annelise Havill
Annelise Havill is a young woman who has been very active in the Tawa community, working largely with young people in a mentoring and leadership role. She has been actively involved in many areas of life both at Tawa College and outside of school life. She is an example to other young people of the rewards of contributing to the local and wider community, and she should be commended for her efforts.

Erika Robinson
Erika Robinson is a Year 11 student at Tawa College. She recently celebrated her 2-year anniversary doing voluntary work almost every Saturday morning work at the Mary Potter Hospice shop in Tawa. She got involved at the shop of her own volition, providing customer service and helping out the back and with re-arranging the shop itself. She is to be commended for the maturity she has displayed and her ongoing commitment.

Kieren Gera
Kieren Gera is head girl of Tawa College and is a fantastic role model. She has shown leadership in a whole variety of areas and is a key member of the Tawa College Survivor Organisation in 2010, raising money for World Vision. This event started in Tawa and is used in many other schools across the country. Kieren has been involved as a mentor, peer support tutor, and is also an outstanding communicator and an advocate for young people.

And the winner of the new YOUTH category is a person who ... has been very active in the Tawa community, working largely with young people in a mentoring and leadership role. In recent years she has been a participant in various Tawa College choirs and the Concert band, has been part of the Tawa College 40 hour Famine Committee, taking a lead role in organising the 40 hour Famine Colonial Knob Fun Run/Walk. She has been involved in a number of Tawa College dramatic productions, she was a prefect last year, worked in the school canteen and was involved in various school committees, as well as writing articles for the school magazine.

Outside of college she taught Sunday School, was involved with Wellington Riding for Disabled for several years, and completed a Volunteer Training course in 2007. She completed the Queens Guide Award in Rangers, having been involved in Guides since age 7. She has taught Pippins, was a representative on SADD - Students against Drunk Drivers, and was on the Wellington City Council Youth Council in 2009. She has now left Tawa College and is at Massey University, having made a special effort to be with us here tonight. She will be returning to Palmerston North this evening for an exam tomorrow afternoon.

Annelise Havill.

The winners and one other:
David Allo, Tom Humphries, Norm Robertson, Clare Smith, Deputy Mayor Ian McKinnon,
Annelise Havill, Tawa Swimming Club representatives Kathryn Gillum & Catherine Barnes.
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