Tawa Community Civic Awards 2006

The Tawa Community Board organised a Civic Awards Ceremony which took place on May 18, 2006. The campaign began early March when people were requested to nominate "someone who invests time and effort - primarily on a voluntary basis - in the Tawa community."

The purpose of the awards is to recognise and show appreciation to groups or individuals who enhance the Tawa community and make it a better place in which to live.

We received nominations for 46 different people or groups - people who work voluntarily in schools, in churches, in youth & children's groups, sports clubs, service clubs, with seniors, Meals-on-Wheels, in the field of music, etc, etc, as well as those who simply do things for others whenever and wherever they might be needed. We were encouraged by the quality and the variety of those nominations and we were given a greater awareness of how many people are carrying out necessary but often thankless tasks in the Tawa community.

It certainly wasn't easy determining a 'winner' in each of the five categories, but that was the brief of the judging panel which comprised members of the Community Board and representatives from the community at large. Every individual or group nominated was presented with a certificate reading "in appreciation of your voluntary work in the community of Tawa". The winners each received a framed certificate along with a tawa tree sapling.

The event was attended by about 90 people including one MP and the three Northern Ward councillors. Tawa Community Board members Ngaire Best and Malcolm Sparrow took turns at reading out the names of the 46 nominees and a very brief description of why they had been nominated. The Deputy Mayor, Alick Shaw, presented each certificate and the awards.


The 'nominees'  [Click on pic to enlarge] .

- enhancing and increasing participation in arts, including music, and creative leisure activities.

Editorial Committee of Tawa Catholic News
Quarterly magazine which reaches over 500 families.

Charlotte Murray
Gives many hours in coaching barbershop quartets and barbershop chorales in Tawa.

Shona Murray
Has organised the Tawa Music Festivals for more than 25 years, which have given almost every child in Tawa a showcase for their talents.

And the winner of the ARTS & CULTURE category is a person who ... started the Mainly Music Group for preschoolers and their caregivers at Tawa Salvation Army in 1998. It was one of the first in the country and there are now 325 Mainly Music groups running nationwide. The Tawa group is currently one of the largest in the country with approximately 140 people attending each week. For seven years she was the co-ordinator and that entailed programme planning, leading sessions, providing leadership to a group of eight othervolunteers, and making Mainly Music self-funding. She is now a mentor for the new co-ordinator and continues to have an active role in the team - leading sessions each week, making gifts for events such as Mothers' Day and providing meals for families in need.

CONGRATULATIONS to Carol Brieseman

- improving and enhancing the development of young people and children.

Cherie Carline
Has been a Brownie leader and is now a Guides leader.

Christine Clifton
Volunteers an enormously generous amount of time to support Linden School.

4th Tawa Girls' Brigade
Provides fun & learning for a big number of girls over a wide age range.

Sue Greig
Acting chairperson for Tui Park Kindergarten for the past 3-5 years and treasurer for the last 6 years.

Daryl Judd
Runs youth programmes at Tawa Baptist Church and makes a significant difference to some 'at risk' young people.

Angela Leamy
President of Tawa-Linden Playcentre who deals with issues at all levels.

Brian Martin
An older community member who volunteers many hours each week to help out at Linden School.

Marianne Peacocke
Has been involved with Guides for some years, as well as overseeing the smooth running of the Tawa Music Centre.

Marie Prescott
Former chair of Redwood School Board of Trustees and now chair of the Tawa College Board.

Elizabeth Rees
Has provided reliable administrative support to Linden Guides for many years.

Tawa-Linden Playcentre
A parent co-op providing a safe learning environment for children aged 0-6 years.

Tawa-Linden Plunket Toy Library
Benefits Tawa children and their parents in providing access to a wide range of toys.

Robin Thomson
Led Boys Brigade for many years and now leads just the band.

Tui Park Kindergarten
Provides an excellent start in life for young children.

Donna Waru
Supervises a very dangerous school crossing every day during the entire school year.

And the winner of the EDUCATIONAL & CHILD/YOUTH DEVELOPMENT category is a person who ... has served with various organisations over the years including the Linden Plunket Committee, the Tawa-Linden Playcentre, the local Society for the Protection of the Unborn Child, and Pregnancy Counselling Services. She is on the children's leadership team at Our Lady of Fatima Church, organising rosters and training new leaders. In 2001 she started a youth group for intermediate-age children and has run it ever since. In 2003 she was the co-ordinator of a major programme called Kids Games which was attended by an average of more than 100 intermediate-age children every week of the first term. Last year she ran a further variation of Kids Games in Tawa. She takes in foreign exchange students for short stays and is at present helping some Indian immigrants to settle. She is always ready to lend a hand to anyone in need.

CONGRATULATIONS to Marie Andrewartha

- providing services which enhance the wellbring of people.

Gary Denton
Chief Officer of the Tawa Volunteer Fire Brigade, an entirely voluntary role involving 7-10 hours per week.

Rosemary Escott
Heavily involved with the Tawa Anglican parish and has always cared for and looked after other people.

Ariadne Fountain
Has had many roles in the settling of migrants and the co-ordinating of tutoring in the Porirua/Tawa region.

Sylvia Gandy
Goes the extra mile in putting the needs of others before her own, particularly in Linden Good Neighbours and Tawa RSA.

Beryl Harris
Devotes much time and energy to various kinds of voluntary work, primarily co-ordinating the local Meals on Wheels service.

Dawn Jamieson
Always doing things for other people, helping run children's programmes, childminding, organising the church garage sale, etc.

Beverley Johnson
Ready and willing to serve in various capacities such as Probus Committee, Cancer Society, U3A, Heart Foundation appeal.

Lorraine Leamy
A hospital volunteer who has run the shop at Kenepuru Hospital for 11 years.

Lions Club of Tawa
Celebrating their 40th year of service to the community, including raising money and donating back to those in need.

Joanne Lockhart
Branch President of Plunket, involved with parent education and Plunket coffee group and to enhancing Plunket services.

Tawa-Linden Plunket Committee
The volunteer members of this committee ensure the service provided to mothers and babies in Tawa is of the best quality.

Tawa Police Volunteers
Attend to all those members of the public requesting assistance by phone or personal visits.

Bev Wallace
Puts untold hours into organising outings, speakers and extras for the local athritis group.

Colin Wilkinson
Longstanding volunteer at Longview Rest Home who is committed to both residents and staff.

And the winner of the HEALTH & WELLBEING category is a person who ... opens her home for people in need, gives free rides to those requiring transport to hospital, visits the sick, and takes care of disabled people in our community who need support and assists in their settlement. She has been involved with parents and pre-schoolers and has worked with 'Pop-in' at St Christophers for about 20 years. She is a great encourager, and is a very 'selfless' person always giving her time to others.

CONGRATULATIONS to Christine Darnell

- improving or revitalising the environment, culture or heritage.

Brian Carter
Gives time and skills in improving the Tawa Bush area in conjunction with the Friends of Tawa Bush Reserves.

Bruce Murray
Involved in the formation of the Tawa Historical Society and the production of the book 'The Streets of Tawa'.

Mata'utia Tualima
Has for 30 years volunteered to mow and clean up the Council areas around the Allen Tce/Mahoe St intersection.

And the winner of the HERITAGE & ENVIRONMENT category is a group who ... have helped with the restoration, pest control and track work in Larsen Crescent Bush, Redwood Bush, and the Wilf Mexted Scenic Reserve. Their efforts have improved the environment, restored native plant communities and played a major part in the return of native birds to residential neighbourhoods in Tawa.

Friends of Tawa Bush Reserves Inc

- enhancing and increasing participation in physical sport, leisure activities and recreational pursuits.

Ngarie Huggins
Many hours of work are contributed each week to the positions Ngarie holds at the Tawa Swimming Club.

Julie Roberts
Tawa Lyndhurst Tennis Junior Covenor who gives many hours to help Tawa youth play and enjoy tennis.

Maarten Romijn
In his fifth year coaching the Tawa College Soccer first XI, giving at least 3 hours a week to run practices.

Dennis Sharman
Invests many hours of his time in running the Tawa Cricket Club and North City Cricket Club.

Tawa Gymfun Gymnastics
Jillian Savell runs this non-profit organisation with true dedication and commitment.

Tawa Swimming Club
Run totally by volunteer coaches and administrators to provide quality swim teaching to the Tawa community.

And the winner of the SPORT & LEISURE category is a person who ... has devoted the best part of 20 years to junior soccer and cricket in Tawa. Many young people in Tawa would not have had the pleasure of playing sport if it had not been for his efforts.


All the winners including two representatives from
Friends of Tawa Bush Reserves Inc, also Deputy Mayor
Alick Shaw and Tawa Community Board Chair Ngaire Best
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The photos on this page have been provided courtesy of Neil Price, Wellington City Council photographer

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