Tawa Primary Schools' Citizenship Awards 2012-16

The Tawa Community Board has run the Tawa Primary Schools' Citizenship Awards since 2011. The award is to recognise "true leadership, citizenship, contribution to school life, etc" at each of Tawa's six primary schools, plus the intermediate school.

The awards ceremony takes place at the Tawa Community Centre at the end of November each year with the winning student from Year 6 (or Year 8) at each school being presented with their award by the Mayor of Wellington. Each child receives a small trophy, a laminated certificate, a book voucher from Take Note Tawa, and a handshake from the Mayor. A wooden shield with the winner's name engraved on it is presented to the school principal or a staff representative. This is updated each year.

The ceremony is attended by family members of the winning students, the principal and/or a teacher from each school, plus Tawa Community Board members. We also ask a senior student from Tawa College to give a short talk towards the start of proceedings, and the Mayor concludes the occasion by thanking the winners for the way in which they've already contributed to their schools and community, and encourages them to continue to do so in the future.

L to R: Nasan Jenkin (Tawa Intermediate),
Jasmine Waitere (Hampton Hill),
Keller McDonald (St Francis Xavier),
Sarah Crow (Greenacres),
Celia Wade-Brown (Mayor of Wellington),
Sienna Hendrikx (Tawa School Year 8),
Joe Walker (Redwood),
Malcolm Sparrow (Tawa Community Board chair),
Jessica Rayner (Linden),
Isabel Warden (Tawa School Year 6),
Eden Garside (Tawa Intermediate)

L to R: Leilaniah Salauneune (Hampton Hill),
Rachael Lockhart (Tawa Intermediate),
Jessica Dang (Linden),
Paris Hunt (Redwood),
Malcolm Sparrow (Tawa Community Board chair),
Maria Leleifua-Malungahu (Tawa School Year 8),
Ellie Kennard (St Francis Xavier),
Robert Tredger (Tawa Community Board),
Junyeop Lee (Greenacres),
Sione Paongo (Tawa Intermediate),
Jessica Jenkins (Tawa School Year 6)

L to R: Amelia Cameron (Greenacres),
Julianna Hennessey (Tawa School Year 6),
Tayne McMahon (Tawa Intermediate),
Harrison Wong (Redwood),
Celia Wade-Brown (Mayor of Wellington),
Teresa McDougall (Hampton Hill),
Isabel Warden (Tawa School Year 8),
Analisa Ewens (Tawa Intermediate),
Stephanie Viliamu-Letalu (Linden),
Anastasia Edwards (St Francis Xavier)

L to R: Caroline Kaulave (Redwood),
George Harriss (St Francis Xavier),
Tukasi Paongo (Tawa Intermediate),
Nathan Cornell (Tawa School Year 6),
Te Akonga Crawford (Tawa Intermediate),
Ben Farrand (Greenacres),
Malcolm Sparrow (Wellington city councillor),
Celia Wade-Brown (Mayor of Wellington),
Fiona Rogge (Tawa School Year 8),
Robert Tredger (Tawa Community Board chair),
Charlotte Perris (Linden),
Melissa Latu (Hampton Hill)

L to R: Teagan Popata (Tawa Intermediate),
Zoe Cam (Linden),
Ailani Penese (Tawa School Year 6),
Vanessa Opie (Hampton Hill),
Briana Trewern (Redwood),
Justin Lester (Mayor of Wellington),
Luke McNair-Robertson (Greenacres),
Kaela Maitland Allen (Tawa School Year 8),
Rachel Hewett (St Francis Xavier),
Absent: Jacob Waikiri-Jones (Tawa Intermediate)

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