Tawa Community Board news clippings

How the Tawa Community Board came into being:

Tawa had been an independent borough since the 1950s, and was run very efficiently by the Tawa Borough Council. However the Local Government Commission decreed on 3 October 1988 that the Borough of Tawa would be amalgamated with Wellington City. In 1989 the Tawa Community Board was set up to replace the Borough Council.

FEATURED BELOW are various news clippings about Tawa Community Board matters over the years:

  "Baker resigns from Tawa Community Board"
  18 Feb 1997
  "Legacy of Mr Banks will live on in Tawa"
  10 Nov 2004

Tawa Community Board by-election 2005:

  "New Tawa representative at home in cyberspace"
  June 2005

Tawa Community Civic Awards 2006:

  "Not too late to nominate"
  11 April 2006
  "Tough job for Awards' Judges"
  7 June 2006
  "Tawa awards honour local unsung heroes"
  June 2006

Proposal to abolish the Tawa Community Board 2006:

  "Wellington makes changes to electoral boundaries"
  Oct 2006
  "Tawa Board members praise Commission's decision"
  April 2007

Tawa Community Civic Awards 2008:

  "Better be in quick to nominate a volunteer in Tawa"
  24 June 2008

Tawa Community Board by-election 2009:

  "Sparrow elected to Tawa Community Board"
  25 Nov 2009

Tawa Community Civic Awards 2010:

  "Tawa Civic Awards"
  16 June 2010

New Community Board October 2010:

  "All aboard!"
  17 Nov 2010
  "Malcolm Sparrow is new Community Board Chair"
  24 Nov 2010
  "Making it happen"
  30 Nov 2010

Turf in Tawa 2011:

  "Sign on for Turf in Tawa"
  23 Feb 2011
  "Budget set for new artificial turf in Tawa"
  26 April 2011

Tawa Primary Schools' Citizenship Awards 2011:

  "Fine qualities acknowledged"
  7 Dec 2011

Local school's request to Tawa Community Board - December 2011:

  "Show me the way"
  7 Dec 2011

Start of 2012:

  "Happy New Year for Porirua and Tawa"
  11 Jan 2012
  "Tawa Community Board looking ahead to 2012"
  26 Jan 2012

Neighbours' Day 2012:

  "Everybody needs good neighbours"
  15 Feb 2012
  "Neighbours take to streets"
  4 April 2012

Future of Tawa Railway Station 2012:

  "Fate of Tawa station in community's hands"
  23 April 2012
  "Station debate planned"
  2 May 2012
  "Thumbs down to Tawa station restoration"
  9 May 2012

Tawa Community Civic Awards 2012:

  "Seeking a good sort in Tawa"
  2 May 2012
  "Still time to nominate"
  23 May 2012
  "Tawa's civic-minded citizens inspire"
  9 May 2012

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