We featured the following update on the front page of the TawaLink website on 28th August 2006 at the time of the Wellington City Council's (or should that be Councillors') attempts to disestablish (get rid of) the Tawa Community Board:

The people of Tawa want to keep their Community Board. That much seems obvious, judging by the overall reponse to the City Council's proposal to disestablish the board. The closeoff for submissions was today last Monday, 28th August.

More than 700 individuals have signed the petition which was handed over to the City Council mid-afternoon Monday, and a total of 549 submissions (which carry a lot more weight) have been received by the Council. A handful of those oppose retention of the Community Board (for what reasons we do not know), but almost all support the Board and request Councillors to re-consider their earlier not-yet-finalised decision. The matter will be discussed at various Council meetings in September.

So a big thank you to all those who took the time to fill in a submission form or sign the petition. Yes, Tawa is a special place and we certainly appreciate the support for the Community Board that local people have shown.

Click here to see a photo of the petitions being handed over at the Council offices, also the wording of one particular submission.