We featured the following update on the front page of the TawaLink website on 18th September 2006 at the time of the Wellington City Council's (or should that be Councillors') attempts to disestablish (get rid of) the Tawa Community Board:

This past week saw four members of the Tawa Community Board presenting oral submissions (obviously in support of the Board) to Wellington City Councillors. We each took a slightly different slant on the issue, so it wasn't a matter of hearing exactly the same thing over and over again!

Some Councillors have listened carefully to the submissions that have been made, and have asked reasonable (and often hard-hitting) questions of those making submissions. And there are some Councillors whose minds have already been made up, and no amount of persuasion will change them. Some, I suspect, weren't even really listening to what we were saying.

Having seen a little of our democratic system in action, I'm not sure that my confidence has been greatly enhanced! As to whether the case we have made for Tawa will cause any Councillors to re-assess their own position, remains to be seen. The 'final vote' takes place on Wednesday 27th September, starting at 5.30pm. It's in our interests for as many Tawa people as possible to be there. Please join with us if you possibly can.

My (Malcolm Sparrow's) 'brief' was to deal with the issue of whether it's fair that Tawa has a community board when other suburbs don't. If you wish to read how that issue needn't be an issue at all, click here [MS Word].