We featured the following update on the front page of the TawaLink website on 10th April 2007 as soon as the Local Government Commission had made its ruling in regard to the future of the Tawa Community Board:

Tawa people got in behind their Community Board last September. That show of support played a major part in Wellington City Council deciding in the end to retain the Tawa Community Board. Because there were objections from two members of the public to that decision, the matter went to the Local Government Commission for a hearing which took place early last month.

Quoting from the Local Government Commission's final ruling which has just come out: "Given the level of community support for the retention of the Tawa Community Board and the arguments made by representatives of the board at the hearing, the Local Government Commission agrees with the Council's proposal to retain the board and determines accordingly."

That simply ratifies the decision made by the City Council in September which allows the Community Board to continue to work for the best interests of the community it has been elected to serve.