We featured the following update on the front page of the TawaLink website on 28th September 2006 at the time of the Wellington City Council's (or should that be Councillors') attempts to disestablish (get rid of) the Tawa Community Board:

Last week the Council's Strategy and Policy Committee voted 7-4 in favour of recommending that the Tawa Community Board be retained. The matter went to a full Council meeting this past Wednesday evening (27th) for a 'final' decision, and the vote went 9-5 in favour of Tawa. Excellent news indeed!

The issue may very well go to the Local Government Commission for ratification (or otherwise) next April, but having the Council on our side will count for a lot.

A big thank you to all the 550+ who made submissions (both oral and written) to the Council on behalf of Tawa. Your input was certainly appreciated. In fact several Councillors commented on the number and quality of submissions from Tawa residents. It was the "strength of feeling" from Tawa people and "quality presentations" that in the end affected the way certain Councillors voted, ones who had previously voted against the Board.

It just goes to show that the voice of a community can make a difference. Those on the Community Board have learned a number of things through this whole experience, and they will no doubt be doing what they can to liaise more closely with those who gave them such overwhelming support.

- Malcolm Sparrow

To read the final submission to the Council on behalf of the Board, click here. [MS Word]